Selvans / Downfall of Nur

Selvans / Downfall of Nur


Label: Avantgarde Music

Release Date: 6 November 2016

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1. Intro/ SOL

2. Pater Surgens

Comes from above into the pebbly hole
Refulgent arrow. Its shining strings are braided with the antler.
A creative force appears to me… Increasing energy, the spiral of a highest will!

See the Aurora’s touch the brightest line! Deaden my limbs!
Her steers run side by side striking the air! The Newday’s ride!
O crying sister, heroic prominence! How many gazes are there in your rays?
How many ashes will carry your sons? Waiting for the undefeated Sun!

From the ancient Sabinian soil we wake! Through your light the chosen race prevails!

Cutting the air his breath, striking the weakness of your flesh! Eighteen arrows come from him…
Cutting the air with flames, guarding the ancient Venus dance and Ceres rest…
Leading intention, guiding light! A hidden force blinds my sight…
To the Earth, the pre-existing wise brings the seed of an empyrean light!

Giunge dall’altro, nella buca di pietre
Freccia splendente, i suoi fili lucenti si intrecciano con i palchi
Una forza creativa si palesa a me, energia crescente, spirale di suprema volontà!

Osserva il tocco d’Aurora! La più brillante delle linee, fiacca le mie membra!
I suoi buoi corrono fianco a fianco, tagliando l’aria… La corsa del giorno che nasce!
O sorella piangente, risalto eroico! Quanti sguardi ci sono nei tuoi raggi?
Quante ceneri porteranno i tuoi figli aspettando il Sole invitto?

Dall’antica terra Sabina ci risvegliamo! Prevale la razza eletta attraverso la tua luce!

Il suo respiro, tagliando l’aria, prevale sulla debolezza della tua carne! Diciotto frecce provengon da lui!
Tagliando l’aria con le fiamme a guardia della danza dell’antica Venere e il riposo di Cerere..
Luce ed intenzione guida.. Una forza nascosta mi acceca.
Il saggio che esisteva prima dell’esistenza d’ognuno, dona alla terra il seme d’una luce Empirea!

The song is about the destiny of a man who chooses to follow the Dragon’s path,
to immolate himself to the charm of the Morning Star, in other words, to the ‘First Ray’: Lucifer.

3. Mater Universi

4. Outro/ LUNA

The Collaboration

Me and Antonio Sanna got in touch a few months after our albums respectively came out. The idea of writing an album together came immediately, and we chose as a concept the dualism Sun – Moon in relation to ancient times. I wrote much of the music during the EU tour, in December 2015. 


This work is set up as a sort of ‘encore’ of our respective albums,
both successful and released in the previous year: ‘Lupercalia’ and ‘Umbras de Barbagia’. 

With ‘Pater Surgens’, Selvans gave us one of the only ‘heroic-themed’ songs in his discography. 

Instead of a classic split album, we thought of this album as an encounter between two distant worlds and artistic conception,
We wanted to create something unique while maintaining the distinctiveness and recognizability of both two souls.
In the end, we managed to not betray the starting purpose, despite the distance and the time zone

– Selvans