The singer/keyboardist Selvans comes from the most putrid and infested Italian underworld during the first moons of 2014. Silently wandering among the ruins of abandoned villages, from the mountains to the sea, followed by a procession of fauns and other beasts, He feasts with the spirits, toasts and drinks from the nymphs’ bosoms while being the keeper of dark tales from the Italian historical, magical and folkloric heritage.

Between 2015 and 2016, they see the light the EP “Clangores Plenilunio” and the first full-lenght “Lupercalia” together with the collaborative album with Downfall Of Nur.
A fortunate ritualistic path for Selvans opens with them, with ferocious metal hymns drenched in dramatic symphonies and sorrounded by the use of antique instruments given by Faun himself to his minister.
An hymn to the ancient spirituality of Italy!

In 2018, after 3 years and more than 50 shows around Italy and Europe, it’s time for the second full-length ‘Faunalia’ where a strong dark progressive vein makes its way, together with a large use of organs and synthesizers that forged the sound of the project in a unequivocal way.

Today the Italian errant Selvans, dances from the North to the South of the peninsula, through the woods, graves and ruins of abandoned villages!

Feral and inebriated, He sets the marching pace with two human femurs on an off-key drum while drinking wine. Bastards and beasts of all backgrounds rush to increase his ranks! Dressed in rags, with a black bird perched on his shoulder who whispers the worst blasphemies to his ear, the Master of decadence presents his EP-Manifesto: ‘Dark Italian Art’…

Curtains up! And and may the beasts come forward when the gods step back!