The ‘Dark Italian Art’ EP OUT NOW!

Orders at: - Black'n'Gold (ldt. 200) or Black (ltd. 300) LP. - Hardcover Mediabook CD (ltd. 1000) with the tale 'Verrà Corvo Morto' by Luigi Musolino, in both English and Italian. * * This  is a PREORDER. This press will be the only one in this format with...

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Artwork and tracklist for the ‘Dark Italian Art’ EP

Here's the artwork and the tracklist for the 'Dark Italian Art' EP: I. Introduzione (Metamorfosi cover) II. Verrà Corvo Morto III. L'Inferno (Metamorfosi cover medley) IV. The Hanged Ballad (Death SS cover) V. Iò Pan! VI. L'Errante Artwork by Aura Negativa. Layout by Ghoul. Logo by Tumulash. The EP will be the first...

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